You Can Plant These Biodegradable Plates & Cutlery After Use

Recently, there has been significant momentum to end plastic waste once and for all. Many people have created inventive alternatives like new types of bioplastics made from cactus juice, banana, and walnuts. and companies have begun transitioning away from using virgin plastic packaging.

Adding to the list of fantastic ideas is Lifepack’s plates and cutlery that can be planted after use. Yes, they grow into plants! The startup uses biodegradable materials – pineapple and corn leaves – which are abundant crops in the world. They embed seeds into this raw material. After you use the items, you can bury them in the ground, and they’ll grow as if you planted some seeds. Biodegradable Food Tray

You Can Plant These Biodegradable Plates & Cutlery After Use

The product line is called Papelyco. A Colombian couple named Claudia and Andrés is the creators of this project. The pair were moved to make these 100% biodegradable dishes after learning that Colombia generated over 27,000 tons of garbage per day in 2010, with 4% of it coming from disposable plates, cups, containers, and polystyrene foam. And that’s just one relatively small country. The effects of all this waste on the environment are enormous.

Claudia and Andrés said:

Lifepack is consistent with what it does! Our products are 100% environmentally friendly; we know the massive environmental problem in which we live, increasing day by day! We provide solutions! We generate life! we offer sustainable packaging alternatives.

The idea was to sell containers that generate life, not only in the form of plants but also work, to the point that some 190 women were trained to work in the company. Our invention also contributes to the generation of employment in your country.

Lifepack generates employment for fathers and mothers head of the family, offering them an opportunity to increase their income. Many farmers benefit from selling their agricultural residue (corn, pineapple, rice, etc.) to Lifepack, which previously generated pollution problems or was simply discarded. Lifepack transforms it and gives it new life!

You Can Plant These Biodegradable Plates & Cutlery After Use

Biodegradable Plates And Cutlery This company’s product goes beyond being an item that doesn’t damage the planet – it provides nourishment for it to grow! It tackle’s the problem of single-use plastic pollution and contributes to adding more greenery to our environment. That’s amazing!