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How a Virginia land manager learned to love the Kubota brand—and teach others to love it too JS200 Idler JRA0214YA

Betting the Farm on Kubota – Garden & Gun

It’s not an exaggeration to say Kubota’s M5-111 tractor made Conor Bredder’s business. Since opening Bredder Land Management four years ago, the Virginian has relied on the dependable workhorse to help him care for acres of pasture, forest, and recreational land at farms and estates across three counties. 

“That tractor can carry hay bales. I use it to lift fence material. I’ve planted hundreds of acres with it, sewing seeds for grasses and wildflowers using a no-till-drill,” he says. In Bredder’s line of work, it’s the Swiss army knife of farm equipment, an invaluable tool when each day presents a different challenge. Some days he’s installing dove fields for avid hunters; on others, he’s designing a horse training ring.

But Bredder knows his efforts are often just one moment in the lifetime of a property, and he does his best to ensure the land will thrive long after his job ends by using sustainable practices and encouraging native plantings. In addition, he often finds himself in the role of teacher, helping his clients learn to manage their vast acreage.

“We have had clients that have bought their own farm equipment,” Bredder says. “It’s certainly not rocket science. If you have dexterity and want to work on areas of your property independently, you can do it.” A loyal Kubota patron, Bredder encourages his customers to consider Kubota for themselves. 

“They’re just very intuitive machines,” he says. Unlike other equipment he’s used in his long landscaping career, which began with mowing lawns in high school (followed by business training at Old Dominion University and a horticulture and integrated pest management certificate from Piedmont Virginia Community College), Bredder says Kubota gives users control. 

Case in point: Kubota’s SVL90-2 Compact Track Loader. “That, anyone can use,” Bredder says. “My wife redid our driveway with that. We got the extra stone from a job, and she got all the ruts out of our quarter-mile drive.” 

Bredder uses his SVL90-2 and an SVL97-2 Track Loader on nearly every job he lands. “I would say it’s our most versatile piece of equipment,” Bredder says. “We’ve used it for clearing land. We use it to move anything and everything that comes on a pallet. It can lift up to six thousand pounds, but the SVLs are compact enough that we can fit them in tight spaces.”

And that’s the beauty of Kubota. While its tractors and track loaders are ideal professional tools, their adaptability and ease of use make them suitable for average consumers interested in improving their property. 

When someone takes the leap to start their dream vineyard or a long-planned equestrian estate, there’s Bredder Land Management. And when they’re ready to take the reins and manage a piece of land by themselves, there’s Kubota. 

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Betting the Farm on Kubota – Garden & Gun

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