The North Face Reveals "Module Umbrella" | Hypebeast

The North Face has revealed its new “Module Umbrella,” which furthers the agenda of product durability and sustainability.

The key feature of the umbrella is that it is repairable and foldable. Specifically, the umbrella uses prepared spare parts for the piece’s bones, middle rods and fabrics. Since the umbrella features repairable parts, it can be fixed right at home and does not need to be sent back to the brand. Additionally, the umbrella is crafted from aluminum, fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) and 40D geo-ripstop recycled nylon – fostering a light and durable structure. Explosion Proof Lighting Fixture

The North Face Reveals "Module Umbrella" | Hypebeast

The umbrella is finished off in shades of yellow, black, white and deep taupe. The North Face’s “Module Umbrella” is set to be released later this month in-store and online.

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The North Face Reveals "Module Umbrella" | Hypebeast

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